About Us!

The purpose of this Guild shall be to preserve the heritage of quilting, to promote the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of quilting, and to provide opportunities of continuing education among those interested in the art of quilting.

History of the Guild

The COASTAL PRAIRIE QUILT GUILD OF TEXAS (CPQG) was founded in 2008 by a group of women who already enjoyed the wonderful comradeship of their quilting bee. Feeling the need for a centrally located guild. they decided to meet near the junction of two major freeways allowing access to quilters all over town. Needless to say they were pleasantly surprised when interest in membership was abundant. With much excitement as well as hard work, the first scheduled meeting of the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild was held on August 21, 2008. 107 members joined!!!

What Do We Do?

A diverse range of programs and specialty classes are offered to meet the varying skill levels and interests of members. Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 10 am and the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. A variety of topics are discussed. From "quilting expert" speakers to show and share. The guild offers all quilters an avenue to learn as well as make life-long friends and to participate with guild activities and share their personal talents with those beginning quilters

What is a Guild?

A guild is an association of craftspeople in a particular trade. The earliest guilds are believed to have been formed in India circa 3800 BC, and though they are not as commonplace as they were a few centuries ago, many guilds continue to flourish around the world today. Quilt guilds are abundant and exist in all American states and in many foreign countries.

Meet The Crew


President: Mark Towle, president@cpqgtx.org
President Elect: Rebecca Trevino, pres-elect@cpqgtx.org
Vice President Programs:  Gwen Goldsberry, programs@cpqgtx.org
Program Chair Elect: Joan Bell
Membership: Pam Biswas, membership@cpqgtx.org
Secretary: Cathy Price
Treasurer: Diane Hickey
Workshop Chairman: Kay Paul
Workshop Chair Elect: Nancie Roach, workshops@cpqgtx.org
Representative at Large: Sherri Stringfield, repatlarge@cpqgtx.org
Editor: Diane Aleman, editor@cpqgtx.org

Advertising/Sponsors: Diane Aleman
Bee Coordinator: Penny Hurst
Community Service: Sakeenah Mubashshir
Fort Bend Womens Shelter: Sakeenah Mubashshir
Lone Star Santa: Pauline Manes   
Bo’s Place:  Katherine Onstott 
    Project Linus:  Jen Pazicni
    Quilts for Kids:  Barbara Young
    Quilts of Valor: Barbara Baxter
VA Hospital/ VA Initiatives:Gwen Goldsberry
Donation Quilt: Diane Hickey
Hospitality:   Peggy Johnson, Rita Evans
Librarian: Linda Towle
  Retreat: Sally Staner
Show & Share: Carol Kettlewell
Webmaster: Jennifer Pazicni, webmaster@cpqgtx.org