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Some of our bees are limited in size and are on an RSVP basis and others are Sign Up Bees. Review the list below and locate a bee and enjoy. 

Contact any of the Queen Bees for additional information.

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Jordan Ranch Quilt Retreat
CPQG Fall Retreat at Jordan Ranch in Schulenburg
Dates: Sept 24 - 28th with Sunday the 24th being optional
Cost of Monday - Thursday is $250 which included double room occupancy, dinner on Monday evening, 2 meals on Tuesday, 2 meals on Wednesday, and breakfast on Thursday morning.
Cost of Sunday (arrival at 5 pm or later) - Thursday is $295 which includes double room occupancy, 2 meals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday plus breakfast on Thursday morning. 
Check out is Thursday late morning.
Coffee, tea and water provided. We all bring snacks to share.
Activity: We will be playing a dice game involving a fabric exchange where everyone leaves with fabric.
Pool and hot tub is available. 
Design walls, 2 ironing stations, and 2 cutting tables are available for all retreaters. Individuals can bring their own irons and cutting mats to use at their tables. Many retreaters bring their own small sewing tables and chairs or chair cushions.

Contact Sally Staner:

  1. Twin Size quilt  (69" × 91")
    Twin Size quilt  (69" × 91")
    Spider Hexagon Pattern by Gyleen Fitzgerald Machine pieced and professionally quilted   Based on hours spent piecing, cost of fabric and professional quilting, I'd like to sell this quilt for .
  2. Fabric is 100% cotton
    Fabric is 100% cotton
    80/20 poly-cotton blend batting fabric designer RoseAnn Cook
  3. $475
    Please contact me either via email or my cell: 281-468-5458 Michelle Starbuck 
Sew It's For Sale!
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New items posted ever month. Please check back again soon!